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Residential Fence

Residential Fence: 5 Amazing Designs To Try

In today’s world, where it’s so easy to break into neighborhoods, installing residential fences is a must. But we are not talking about old-style fencing. Rather we are talking about fences that look great by adding aesthetics to your property while ensuring security.

All Pro Fence has many unique designs for a residential fence in Buffalo. These fence designs can excellently fit your property style and provide you with safety. 

5 Amazing Residential Fence Designs That Serve Your  Property With Aesthetics & Security

  1. The Aluminum Fences

With aluminum fences, you’ll get a corrosion-free fence with a long-lasting aesthetic. Even though they are known to be non-flammable, experts advise them to get insured. 

With an aluminum residential fence, you can enjoy the perks of a low-tech, smart look. This allows them to genuinely blend in almost all kinds of architecture, and be one of the most durable varieties of fences. 

You can customize our aluminum fences as you like. For instance, by attaching attractive gates and bushes to them. 

  1. Fences With Chain-Link

If we consider the advantages of chain-link fencing, we can note that it is generally made of galvanized steel, which increases its care and accessibility to passers-by. Chain link fencing is inexpensive, but it is not pet-safe. 

However, you can install security devices like access controls, intrusion detectors, cameras, and much more by installing them from a reputable commercial fence contractor. Our chain link fences can also be used as security assistance outside or inside your property. 

  1. Classic Wooden Fences

Among residential fence options, wood fence installation is both stylish and low-maintenance. They are also considered to be airtight and hence ecologically sustainable.  You’ll not be too troubled to install or take them off while painting them with your favorite color.   

Even though wooden fences are not as protective as other kinds, a tall wooden fence can surely give you the same amount of security and privacy as metal fences.

Our close-board wooden fences are greatly appealing to viewers while being a barrier to your invaders. Moreover, we have options like an acoustic fence, log walling, knee rail fence, and much more in our wooden residential fence options.

  1. Elegant Vinyl

Like PVC, vinyl can give you that clean, picket-fence look but it’s much sturdier. It’s also more expensive to install. But once up, it’s not going anywhere for a long time. They are easy to clean and stains don’t even stick to it, so no defacing here. Hose it and soap it down and it’ll look as good as new!

When it comes to safety, Vinyl fences are an excellent choice. They are fire-resistant, and even if it does the flames get away quite easily.

  1. Post-And-Rails

These post-modern fences are also known as estate fencing. It is an updated version of the contemporary mood of classic split-rail fences. This residential fence is typically constructed in a three-rail design. These horizontal three square rails are connected to heavy-duty, solid square posts. 

All Pro Fence can build these post-and-rail fences for you from the material that you choose. It can either be from metal, vinyl, or wood. 

Get Your Fence Built With Just A Call To All Pro Fence!

If you are looking for a commercial fencing installation for your property – you have landed on the right page. We have multiple variants of commercial and residential fence designs from the above-mentioned types. With our expertise and experience, you can assuredly attain a customized durable fence with enhanced security. 

Give us a call at 716-452-9399 to book your fence appointment right away!

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