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Installing Railings
Fence of spacious white house

Well-Built, Robust
And Appealing Railings

Installing strong and secured railings is crucial for safety. All Pro Fence builds and installs reliable railings for both residential and commercial properties. We designed customized railings using different materials as per the requirements of clients. We build strong, sturdy, and aptly sized railings. We abide by all applicable building codes while installing railings in Buffalo.

Delightful courtyard with a fence

Residential Fencing

Fencing adds value and safety to your homes. You can enhance the beauty, safety, and privacy of your residential property with robust and well-designed fences. Residential fencing serves many functions..

A white board fence under a bright yellow tree with gorgeous fall foliage leaves

Commercial Fencing

The most important aspect that a business enterprise must look for is its security. Commercial fencing is important as it protects your business property from trespassers and animals. We make sturdy and new-age fences that secures your property from all sorts of risks.

construction worker working with an electric screwdriver on the construction site

DIY Fencing

Apart from designing and installing fences, we provide the best quality materials for DIY Fencing. All Pro Fences is the trusted source for fencing materials like chain links, fence posts, fence gates, pool fencing, and many more.


What They Say

Zhon Done Customer

Greatly satisfied with the quality of fencing. The team was extremely polite and hardworking.

Christine Rose Customer

I had done commercial fencing for my factory. Previously, I was facing many theft issues in my factory. After I had done fencing, there had been no more theft complaints. Thanks to All Pro Fence

Katrina Grace Customer

Had taken fencing materials from All Pro Fence for a DIY project. Must say they had supplied me with the best quality materials. I had previously taken supply from other services. But All Pro Fence materials are best.

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