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How To Install Metal Railings On Concrete Steps Safely And Sturdily?

Install Metal Railings:

Concrete steps can be a big hazard especially if they’re without railings. In fact, installing railings in Buffalo for more than 3 steps is a building code that one cannot ignore. So, if your home or store is missing railings in the steps, consider installing railings ASAP!

But make sure to do the installation job correctly to save costly expenses in the long run. Here, we have put together some beneficent tips on installing railings safely just like the experts. Follow these points to upgrade the safety of your concrete steps.

Steps To Install Metal Railings Correctly On Concrete Stairs

  • Measure The Stairwell

Depending on the type of outdoor railing installation on the steps, you will need to take a few measurements. If the concrete stairs have a landing at the top, measure the landing for 90 degrees. Continue with the measurement from the edge of the stair landing to the edge of the last stair. Once you procure this measurement, you can go ahead and start purchasing the railing. 

  • Dry-Fit Railing 

When the railing arrives, don’t instantly start installing it. First, dry-fit it to get the correct placement for all the pieces. You have to install the metal railings in flanges that are anchored to the concrete steps. 

Get a proper idea of where you want the flanges to be. Then, mark a hole for the step anchors. Let someone help you hold the metal railing in place to ensure all the marks are accurate.

  • Install The Concrete Anchors

After you finish marking the placement of anchors, you can start drilling holes for installing railings. For this task, make use of a hammer drill and concrete bit. The holes should roughly be the same size as the anchors. 

Use a relatively high pressure while drilling and operate the drill slowly. The slower you move the drill, the more bite it will get in the concrete steps.

  • Bolt-In The Metal Railings

Once your anchors are driven in, secure them well with epoxy. Fill the remaining gaps of the anchor holes with a heavy-duty epoxy. Let it sit and dry for about 24 hours. This is to make sure the epoxy is well-secured in the holes and not moving around.

After the epoxy has dried, it is time to bolt in the flanges and railings. Double-check if all the railing supports are plumb and level. You’re all done installing railings now!

Specialized Tools You’ll Need For Installing Railings

While stair railing installation is a fairly simple process, you will need a few special tools. The first thing you must have in your tool shed is a concrete drill bit. If it’s possible, operate this bit with a hammer drill. A hammer drill is just like a standard drill. But it comes with a side handle for better stability. 

Also, you must essentially have a dry vacuum or a powerful wet one. This machine can remove debris from the concrete holes. In case you don’t have a dry or wet vacuum, use compressed air for the job.

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