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9 Vital Questions That You Must Ask The Fence Contractors Before Hiring Them

Tired of annoying neighbors peeking into your property or wild animals wandering in your backyard? If so, Googling the best fence contractors in Buffalo is what you should do. 

But before you hire any fencing contractors near me, you want to make sure they will be the correct pick for the job. 

Below, we have 9 questions that you must ask the local fence contractors before you employ them. Save it all and make sure to use them for your next fencing project.

Ask These 7 Questions To Your Shortlisted Fence Contractors

Question 1 – How Long Have You Been Working?

Ask the fence contractors how long has their company been running and operating under its current name. Brand new companies struggle to work out their kinks for at least a few years. So, make sure to hire a fence contractor that has enough experience in the field.

Question 2 – Are You Licensed To Operate In Buffalo?

Check if the fence contractor has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. General liability insurance protects your property in case the contractor or any of its employees causes damage. And the worker’s compensation insurance takes care of employees’ injuries during work. 

Question 3 – Who Handles The Fencing Permits?

You’ll need permits to install fences. So, ask the fencing contractors whether that responsibility falls on you or will they handle it. If the contractor asks you to handle the permits, beware! This is probably because they are not insured or licensed.

Question 4 – What Type Of Fences Do You Build?

The fence contractors should be trained to build all kinds of fences. They should be able to point out the pros and cons of each type to you. Additionally, they must come with the right fencing type suited to your property and needs.

Question 5 – Can I Look At Some Of Your Past Works?

It’s always a wise idea to look at the portfolio of previous projects the fence contractors have worked on. In this way, you’ll get an idea of their experience and the quality of their work.

Question 5 – How Long Will The Installation Process Take?

Ask the fence contractors how long it will take to finish the project. When you know the timings, you can plan the other activities of your life accordingly.

Question 6 – What Is Included In The Price Quote?

When the fence contractors give you the price estimate, ask them to break down all the details. You can also require individual price quotes for each item. In that way, you can correctly verify the final pricing.

Question 7 – Does The Fencing Products Have A Warranty?

The best fence installation companies offer warranties on the fencing products and their workmanship. So, make sure the fencing company you’re hiring has such warranties as well. 

Question 8 – How Do You Handle The Payments?

Find out what mode of payments the fence contractors facilitate. Do they take credit cards or checks? Do they offer to finance? This will allow you to stay prepared for the monetary transactions.

Question 9 – Will Any Unexpected Cost Arise?

This is an often-overlooked question but it is vital to ask. It helps you to prepare financially and psychologically for any extra costs that might come during the project.

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