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Ultimate Residential Fencing Designs for Enhanced Safety and Aesthetics

With such a variety of fences available out there, people now can build any fencing style they desire.


What’s the point of a stylish fence if it cannot save you from intruding burgers? 

According to reports, the rate of burglaries is increasing every day. So, if you stay in Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, and Williamsville, you know that just having a stylish fence will not accomplish the job.”

No, we are not asking you to compromise on aesthetics, for the sake of security. But we want you to consider both these factors side by side – and choose a fencing that suffices both your needs. 

And to accomplish the intention successfully, here are a few fencing styles to consider.

Residential Fencing Designs That Serves Both Style And Functionality

Privacy Fences

Like many, do you spend most of the time in your backyards? There’s probably someone peeping at you from next door. Be careful because they might be checking on you while you are enjoying your pool time and hot baths. 

In 2022, people everywhere are looking for seclusion along with security. Taking this, fences are growing taller than ever. So, nothing’s better than private residential fencing in this case.  

Are you wondering, “Privacy and all are fine. But, how can a tall fence look that good?” 

Yes, it’s possible if you hire our All Pro contractors. To add a luxurious touch to your dull backyard, we’d choose a stark color fence like gunmetal gray or black. By the way, our suggestions are just options in front of your favorite color. We can even add a trellis to let light in and break up a solid dark wall.

Vinyl fence for a modern look

For many homeowners, investing in a natural wood and iron fence is a big ask. Due to its high demand and tight availability, wood prices fluctuate more than most other building materials. 

But did you know that you can achieve the same look with just as much or more longevity for a considerably lesser price? You should check this to know why a Vinyl fence is a better option

Time to begin exploring the lovely world of vinyl fencing! 

The truth is Vinyl fences are more durable than traditional wood residential fencing. If you buy from All Pro Fence, then get ready to invest in the best vinyl fences. They are hard to break and are five times stronger than wood. So, if you prefer privacy and safety choose our Vinyl Fences. 

Our Vinyl fences always come with a long warranty. So, remain at peace of mind if your fence is starting to look shabby before you expected. Usually, our professionals do not let that happen as they handle installation with care. 

Except for durability, here are some of the advantages of Vinyl fences:

  • Easy to paint
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No staining or sealing
  • No rot, no rust
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive
  • Recyclable 


Picket Fence for a cool vintage look 

Do you love a classic vintage vibe? A freshly painted white picket fence is the perfect way to catch someone’s attention. Don’t overlook the power of a white-painted fence for a classic look. It’s a great option to keep your pets and kids inside. 

That homey appeal never denies impressing your guests.  Historically, these fences had sharpened logs to defend the positions among early colonists. Now they serve greater purposes like

  • Blocking views
  • Keeping pets inside
  • Stopping kids from going outside.
How to make a picket fence more aesthetic?
Add some wildflowers
Add roses for a contemporary colonial feel
Add lights
Try fence post caps
Rejuvenate with stain and steel

But, are you worried about limited privacy and security with this residential fence installation?

No worries, just increase it to your preferred height. You can further enhance the look by adding elements from the above infographics. 

Metal or Iron fence

Wrought iron residential fencing has been around for centuries. They make a great addition to property aesthetics, while at the same time protecting your property. We also know how durable they are. All you need to do is just paint it time by time. 

In fact, in terms of security, nothing can beat a metal or iron fence. Our professionals can mold your metal or iron fence in the shape you want. There are numerous designs and patterns you’ll find out there. Share your ideas and we are good to go.

Slatted fence for contemporary feels

Nothing beats the contemporary feel shared by slatted fence panels to our outdoors. In earlier times, people used wooden slats. But metal slats are a new design that perfectly blends into any modern home architecture. They have become extremely popular among the new properties in Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, and Williamsville areas.

Are you a minimalist? If yes, then this should perfectly fit your home. Just some conjoined slats that look extremely appealing. 

Regular (30mm) and broad slat widths (45mm) are the two sizes that we provide. Our slatted panels come in a variety of heights and are roughly 1800 mm wide. Moreover, we would suggest you go with metal slats since we prefer sustainability. 

We follow the below steps to install a slatted fence

  1. Plan and prepare the location
  2. Mark the area
  3. Dig the holes for post
  4. Set the fence posts
  5. Attach the wooden/metal slats
  6. Add slats to the other side (Optional)

What makes these slat fences most attractive? Well, it’s their coat of shady or black paint! These horizontal slat fences are turned into wonders by the residential fencing companies

All Pro Fence offers all kinds of residential yard fencing in the Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, and Williamsville areas. So, if you need a fence, we can reach you right away in these areas. 

Concluding With An Assurance

So, tie up with us to get the best residential fencing services in Buffalo and the other areas. Our professionals are well trained and experienced. We have multiple options to choose from. So, no further than All Pro Fence if you prefer security and aesthetics. We are right here if you even need any maintenance post-installation.

Contact at 716-452-9399 to All Pro Fence for residential fencing!

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