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8 Types Of Fence Installation Services Are Trending For Commercial Properties

Fence Installation Services: Commercial properties usually contain more sensitive and valuable possessions than residential property – hence proper security is crucial. Fencing helps business owners to deter trespassers from breaking into their properties and causing any damage to their essential treasures.

Commercial property owners seeking fencing options can get a myriad of trending fencing options from fence installation services. But among these myriads of available options, it’s difficult to understand and choose the most suitable option that will secure your property – without hampering the aesthetics.

In this blog, we have put forth 8 fencing options to make the best selection. Do read it all to ensure you choose the finest fencing type of your commercial property.

Types of Fence Installation Services Trending For Commercial Properties

  • Chain Link

Chain links can be installed very quickly and very efficiently. It has an identical appearance from both sides and can be color-coated. These fences are ideal when you want to secure a permit quickly. This durable and corrosion-resistant fencing is perfect for industrial, construction, and warehouse sites.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is UV protected and allows color to go through the material. These posts don’t shrink, rot, or rust. Being lightweight, you might have to be careful during installation – ensuring the fencing can withstand extreme weather conditions. Vinyl fencing offers a range of benefits for commercial properties, which makes it one of the favorites among the trendiest fencing types.

  • Farm-Style

Farm-style fences are typically designed with wood. These fences have a range of options to choose from, including decorative split rail fences to posts, for wire mesh fencing.

The wood can blend in and enhance the natural surroundings while ensuring security.

  • Pool Fencing

This fencing type is ideal for municipal public pools, marinas, and hotels with outdoor pools. Installing pool fencing rightly enhances the safety around the pool area. Usually, these fences are both decorative and functional.

Before buying, ensure your pool fencing complies with BOCA codes for pool safety.

  • Steel and Aluminum Ornamental

Steel and aluminum ornamental fencing has the best industry standards as commercial fencing. They are made with heavy-duty metal that is extremely strong and durable. The heavy gauge material is covered with the acrylic finish product, and its color never fades. These fences are the perfect balance between decorative and sturdy security.

  • Composite

Composite fencing has become popular these days. It is made from a mix of resin, plastic, or wood. The design looks similar to natural wood or stone. Composite fences offer complete privacy and come in several heights and colors. These fences are best for garden farming, and perimeter fencing and are very durable and secure.

  • Barbed Wire

Barbed wires are constructed with a wire of sharp edges and pointed barbs placed at regular intervals. These sharp fencing wires are usually placed on top of walls and other fences as an additional security measure. It keeps one from jumping over the fencing and walls. Barbed wire can also be used for agricultural purposes, especially for livestock fencing. These fences are ideal for protection, containment, and security.

  • Wood fencing 

Wood fencing comes with several appealing qualities, making it versatile for various commercial applications. They are available in many styles like picket and flat panels. All the wood fence styles are available in the market. The panels are generally preassembled hence making it easy to install. Many restaurants and resorts use it for its aesthetic appeal. It also provides a functional way to hide unsightly items like dumpsters, recycling containers, or HVAC units.


Having better insights will allow you to make better decisions and choose the best fencing for your commercial property.

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