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Soundproof Fences: Turning your properties into a quiet sanctuary

Our houses are our refuge. However, the noisy neighbors and loud road traffic are all near it. Thus, it becomes impossible to enjoy the peace of our backyards. 

But at All Pro Fences, we have a solution for blocking away the incessant loud noise. You can install a soundproof residence fence on your property. Our soundproof residential fence in Buffalo is the ideal choice for homeowners to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Does Our Soundproof Residential Fence Work?

We won’t lie. No fences can block 100% of noise, not even our soundproof fence. 

But, a soundproof residential fence in Buffalo does work in its best way. 

Our soundproof fences create an obstacle against soundwaves coming from outside the property. The sound travels in straight lines until it hits something blocking its path. If the sound hits on a thick surface like a soundproof fence, most of the sound will deflect it back. Only a small amount passes through the fences.

Our skilled fence installers choose the right type of thick residential fence material to block away sound. 

Our Range Of Soundproof Residential Fence

All Pro Fence has a range of fencing options that will complement any property. Some of our fences, especially acoustic fences, are readily installed by our fence installers. Whereas some other fence types can be turned into a sound barrier. 

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl

The mass-loaded vinyl residential fence is made from thick layers of vinyl sheets. It contains metal particles that increase its mass, thus making it perfectly soundproof. Our mass-loaded vinyl fences are sturdy, flexible, and weather-resistant. 

  • Timber 

Want to block that extra street noise? Then, the solid wooden fences made from the best quality timber can do that. Our fence installers insulate the timber fence with mass-loaded vinyl or corrugated metal. This can make the timber fence sturdier and more soundproof. 

  • Corrugated Metal 

Our metal fences can provide great sound insulation. All-Pro Fence residential aluminum fence panels are solid and sturdy enough to block noise. 

Top Features Of Our Soundproof Residential Fence

  • Easy to install 
  • No holes or gaps
  • Acoustic properties
  • Long-lasting

Things To Consider With Soundproof Residential Fence

  • The fence height

A short fence isn’t very effective at blocking sound waves. Thus, the higher the fence, the better. A 2-meter-high fence usually works the best. If your house is in a valley, a 2-meter-high residential fence will be excellent. On the flip side, if your house is up on a small hill, go for an extra high fence.

  • The residential fence density

Go for fence materials with a greater mass. This will block away from the noise more effectively as compared to thin fences. Thin fences amplify the noise and cause vibrations from loud noise. But the denser material residential fence works perfectly on noisier areas. 

  • Wind direction

Winds are the champion noise transporter, and most often, the wind is the loud noise. The direction of your wind has a significant effect on the level of noises you hear. Areas that have pretty consistent winds can be checked for this factor.

Block Out Unwanted Round Sounds With Soundproof Residential Fences of All Pro Fence

You can’t get away from nosy neighbors. Instead, you can soundproof your fence with All Pro Fence. 

With our soundproof residential fence, enjoy the peace and tranquility of your home. We are the most affordable and top-rated residential fence companies near me that you can find.

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